Z-DATdump – Tape Backup Software

Z-DATdump was developed to copy data to tape easily and reliably. The complexity of the program was deliberately kept to a minimum, which makes it easy to use for an employee as well as an administrator. Z-DATdump is a cost-effective alternative when it comes to quickly and easily copying your data to tape.

Z-DATdump - Software – Tape backup

The tape dump software is easily installed and configurable with a well-structured user interface. Up to five dump lists can be defined, and it allows for quickly dumping a manually created dump-list to tape. With the integrated 1-click tape backup function, you can create desktop shortcuts for dump jobs, so you can quickly and comfortably start a tape dump without even using the software.

Z-DATdump lets you select your data for a 1:1, incremental or differential copy to tape. A Fast CRC check can optionally be enabled if the stored data should be verified after the tape dump. A big advantage of the tape software is the control via command-line parameters, which allows for integration of Z-DATdump into other applications.

Tape Backup Software


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Autoloader / Tape Library Software


The add-on module Z-TapeLoader extends the functionality of Z-DATdump by enabling it to control media changers, also called superloaders, autoloaders, tape changers and tape libraries. Media changers contain several tapes in so-called slots and allow automatic loading of the correct tape for your daily backups. This add-on module is already contained in a normal Z-DATdump installation and is used automatically.

The tapes are stored in the device in so-called slots. Z-TapeLoader then loads the tape from the slot that is specified in the settings of a 1-Click backup or a time-controlled backup. The 1-Click backup can be achieved simply by creating a desktop icon with the correct settings from within the software.


Common Autoloader

Z-TapeLoader is compatible with all common tape libraries from all manufacturers. Please use our free trial version to determine if the software works well with your IT setup! We test our software with tape libraries from the following manufacturers:

HP 72X6 DAT Tape Library Sony LIB 162 Tape Library Quantum Superloader 3 Tape Library HP Surestore Tape Library
HP 72X6 DAT Sony LIB162 Quantum Superloader 3 HP/Surestore
tandberg magnum 224 Dell Power Vault 124T Tape Library HP MSL 2024 Tape Library
Tandberg Magnum 224 Dell Power Vault 124T HP MSL 2024

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