Tape Backup with one mouse click

Z-DATdump is controlled using backup sets. For each backup set you can individually specify the files and directories to backup and whether the data should be verified with the Fast CRC method after the dump. These settings are saved, so the next time you need to backup, you can do it all with one click!

The following video shows how to easily create a tape backup in Z-DATdump with desktop shortcut.



Tape backup with sutdown

Backup with shutdown is an option with the added feature that the computer is automatically shut down after backup - i.e. backup and shutdown with one click!

Backup and shutdown icon on your desktop


The 1-click dump function (backup and shutdown with one click) allows for an automatical backup, even on workstations that are used irregularly or for which no exact schedule can be created. Z-DATdump creates a fitting icon on your desktop (backup & go).


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