View Tape Contents


This window shows you the contents of your tape and allows you to restore one or more files. The restore system can either restore files to their original location or to any other location. It is possible to restore files to a different folder or to another drive.


 Selecting files

To select a single backup item, just check the corresponding checkbox in the list.

To select multiple files at once, check the first item of your choice first. Then, press  CTRL  and check the last item of your desired selection. You will be asked if you want to select all files inbetween.

The context menu can be used to check or uncheck all files in the list.

The number of selected files  is shown in the status bar. File selection is also possible with the search function.

Restoring single files
 After selecting one or more files for restore, you can start the restore by clicking the restore button.

  The single file restore feature is not available in the free version. Please use the restore function in the main window.

 The Report button is used to print the tape contents as a table of contents or export it to ASCII, XML or Excel format.

Find file in dump
 Z-DATdump lets you quickly search for files in the tape dump. Found entries are highlighted and can easily be selected for restore.


You can search for full filenames (without path) or parts of filenames. DOS wildcards are supported.

Search all
 If this option is activated, the whole backup is searched.

Select Records
 If this option is activated, the search results are automatically selected.

Clear old selection
 If one or more items are already selected, the selection is cleared before the search.

 Searches for a file with the exact file path + file name entered in the text field. You have to enter the full path of the file you are searching for.


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