Data selection for DATdump


All files and folders that you selected for automatic DATdump are shown in the file list.


 Enter a meaningful description for your dump here. You can use up to 40 characters.

 Fast CRC-Check
 If the saved data should be verified after back-up, activate this option. All files smaller than 5 MB are also verified with the CRC32 method.

 Overwrite Tape
 If this option is activated, existing tape contents are overwritten, If this option is NOT activated, the new backup is appended to existing backups on the tape.

Save Directories recursively
 Includes all subdirectories of selected directories in the backup.

 Use Shadow Service
 Creates a shadow copy prior to backup and copies all files from the shadow copy. This ensures consistent and complete backups with open and locked files.

   Z-VSScopy must be installed to use VSS. The Freeware Version can be used for a trial period of 14 days with the License Version of Z-DATdump.

   Users of the Freeware Version of Z-DATdump can use the Freeware Version of Z-VSScopy without time limitations.

If this option is activated, the position of each file on the tape will be automatically stored in the table of contents. Recording the current tape position for each file is somewhat slow on old tape drives, which can lead to massive slowdowns when backing more than a few hundred files.

Opens a dialog to connect a network drive.

Calculates the size of the chosen data and shows it in the lower right corner, so that you can always see how much storage space you already need.


This button clears the selection.


Select items
To choose a single back-up item, just click on the checkbox in the list.

Right click
Opens the context menu.


With the Properties menu item, you can view file attributes such as file size or access rights. "View" opens the directory in a new explorer window, "Open with" opens a file with an associated program.

Once your selection is complete, assign a name and save your compilation.

 Please note that the free version is limited to a total backup size of 12 GB.

Create file list
 You can add files and folders into the file list by checking their tick boxes in the explorer window. You can choose whether directories should be copied recursively (with subdirectories).

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