1-click dump

You can run your backup quickly and easily by creating a desktop shortcut for your dump.


On desktop
creates an icon on your desktop.

In the autostart
 creates a windows autostart item so that a backup is run each time Windows starts.

In the start menu
creates an icon in the Windows start menu.


 creates an icon for 1-click backup.

Backup with shutdown
is a backup action which automatically shuts down the computer after backup, i.e. first backup and then shutdown with one click!

Backup und hibernate
 is a backup action which automatically sets the computer to hibernation mode after backup. Both hibernating a computer and reactivating it again take much less time than shutting down and rebooting. Hibernation is particularly often used in notebooks, because saving energy while in battery mode is very important to ensure a long run time.



Normal Backup (complete backup)
This is a copy backup, but additionally the archive attribute is reset/deactivated. You only need the most recent tape medium to restore all your files when using this backup method.


Incremental backup
 An incremental backup only saves the files that have been created or changed since the last complete backup. The saved files are marked as such (i.e. the archive attribute is deactivated). When using incremental backups, it is necessary to have the last complete backup and all incremental backups at hand to restore files and folders.


Differential backup
 At each differential backup, the data that has changed since the last complete backup. If you use differential backups, the latest complete backup and the most recent differential backup must be available.


Start minimized (Tray)
Z-DATdump is shown in the system tray during the tape dump.

Fast CRC-Check
verifies the data on the medium after backup.

Media selection
Media changers/Autoloaders can be handled with the auxiliary module Z-TapeLoader. Here you can select a single tape medium for the dump.


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