Z-DATdump help

Context-sensitive help

 A context sensitive help feature is available within Z-DATdump. If you need help with a dealog window or a specific program function, just press the F1 key and a help window is shown. Z-DATdump uses the Microsoft® HTML-based help system.


Brief instructions
The help system has two modes, short and extended view. First, set the help window to show the extended information. Because many Windows programs use the help system, other programs might show short info only.


Extended view
The pictured help window shows the extended view. Make sure that the help on your computer is shown in the same way. If only the short help is shown, click on the "show" button to switch to extended view.

Table of contents
The table of contents is shown in the "contents" tab.

The index with the most important terms shows an alphabetical catalog. If the word you are looking for is not listed here, you can search for it.

 The search function offers a full-text search on word basis. If a word is not found, you might try using a part of the word and the * wildcard. You can also use the logical operators AND, OR, and NOT.


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