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The backup of data to tape has a long tradition in the IT sector and has still not been obsoleted by any other technology in the area of professional data backups. DAT and LTO tape drives are among the most widely used backup devices in the world.

Z-DATdump copies complete directories, for transport, backup (recursive/incremental) or archiving to DAT//DLT/QIC/MLR or LTO tape drives. The program features an easy to use interface and can also be controlled via command-line parameters. That allows for a time-controlled copy using the windows built-in task scheduler or Z-Cron. Z-DATdump was developed to be an add-on for Z-DBackup but can also be used as a stand-alone tape dump application.

  You can use Z-DATdump to back-up your whole hard disk. However, you will NOT be able to restore an installed operating system. Use programs which create disk images for this!

 Brief description
 When starting the application, the Z-DATdump main window is shown. From this window, all actions, settings, backup and restore operations can be accessed.


Before you can run the data dump, you have to inform the program which medium it should save to using the "prepare drive/tape" menu:



The info is written to the tape header, no formatting is required. The directories for DATdump can now be selected:


In the free standard version of the software, you can backup at most 5 directories up to a total size of 12 GB, optionally recursively/incrementally. The dump can be run manually or with a schedule using the Windows-integrated task scheduler or Z-Cron :


 Z-DATdump writes to tape media following the ASPI guidelines using the SPTI standards (SCSI PASS-THROUGH INTERFACE). The program works with all established tape drives (IDE, SCSI, USB und S-ATA) manufactured from the year 2000 on. The program was tested with drives from the following manufacturers:



Sony-AIT 4

Program features
Even the free standard version of Z-DATdump offers many options and settings and is an ideal archiving tool/backup program for private users:

 Z-DATdump was developed to copy backup archives created with Z-DBackup to tape drives. It can also be used to back up single files, but alternate NTFS data streams are not included in the backup.



Freeware version

License version

Backup Sets in the standalone version (define the files and folders to be backed up)



Backup Sets in Z-DBackup when using Z-DATdump as an addon



Maximum number of files to back up


depending on the
capacity of the medium

Maximum transfer volume

12 GB

depending on the
capacity of the medium


Restore of single files



Module or task scheduler

Module or task scheduler

Server use (2016, 2012 (R2), SBS 2011, 2008 (R2), 2003)


Z-DATdump Server

Index of tape contents

Include file information in backup


Fast CRC check

Virus self-test

Automatic shutdown

Automatic data verification


Multi-spanning of single file selections


with Z-DBackup








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