Z-DATdump main window


Context-sensitive help

  A context sensitive help feature is available within Z-DATdump. If you need help with a dealog window or a specific program function, just press the F1 key and a help window is shown. Z-DATdump uses the Microsoft® HTML-based help system.


When starting the application, the Z-DATdump main window is shown. From this window, all actions, settings, backup and restore operations can be accessed.

Quick selection buttons and status panel
These allow for quick access to the most important features of Z-DATdump. Note: If you move your mouse pointer over such a button and rest the cursor on the spot for a moment, a tooltip is shown which explains what the button is for.

You can use log files to monitor what happened during a backup session.

This prepares the drive for use with Z-DATdump. It also allows you to compile up to 5 backup sets and configure them for the tape dump.

This button lets you manage the drive and the tape. With the options in this sections, you can format your tape or check for functionality.

Shows the Z-DATdump help.

This shows you the contents of the medium and lets you choose single files or folders for restoration.

Check tape contents.

Complete restoration.

Starts backup.


Before the first DATdump can be run, you just need to tell the program which drive and tape it should use for the backup, which can be specified in the "settings" menu:


The settings can be saved, of course!

  You can use Z-DATdump to back-up your whole hard disk. However, you will NOT be able to restore an installed operating system. Use programs which create disk images for this!


Z-DATdump is a program by Andreas Baumann © 2008 - 2017.
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