Program Setup

All basic settings can be found in this window:


Index Path
The tables of contents of tapes written by Z-DATdump are saved in the location specified by the "index path" field.

Screensaver off
Disable screensaver during backup.

 Z-DATdump OnTop
 Keeps the Z-DATdump window on top of all others.

Use RAM for filelist
The temporary index for the dump is created in memory. This option can be selected if Z-DATdump is used only for copying archives created with Z-DBackup to tape. Note: If this option is selected, a   maximum of 384,000 files can be copied and Z-DATdump may use up to 512 MByte of memory, depending on the number of files to copy. This option does not support Muli-Spanning and the FastSeek option is disabled!

If this option is not selected, Z-DATdump can copy unlimited files per backup - only depending on the capacity of the medium! 

 Archive bit ignore
At any tape backup, the archive bit of files on the disc is cleared. This option is turned off this function. This option will disable this feature in principle. The archive attribute in traditional file systems of Unix / Linux (and on many NAS drives) is often incorrect or implemented. If run backup from a (relevant) nas you can / should enable this option.

Tape DAD Mode
DAD (Direct Access Device) activates direct access to the tape drive.

Enables or disables the SPTI (SCSI Pass Through Interface) mode of Z-DATdump.

Used Tape capacity
By default 96% of the tape capacity are available for data that should be stored tape. The remaining 4% are used for file information and tape markers by Z-DATdump and also serve as a buffer in case there are 'bad blocks' (block that can't be used for data storage anymore) on tape.
You can select a different value than 96% for the tape capacity available for data storage here.
A value of 100% is not supported because Z-DATdump aways needs some overhead for file information and tape markers.

Language settings
The program checks your system language on first start. If run on a German system, the program will also be in German; otherwise, it will be in English. The language can be changed here.


Z-DATdump is a program by Andreas Baumann © 2008 - 2017.
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