Task scheduling with Z-Cron


Z-DATdump does not include a built-in scheduler for scheduled backups. This is not a disadvantage, but preferable for professional use for these reasons:

Z-DATdump does not have to be loaded all the time, just because there is one backup per day

An existing scheduler, like the Windows built in Task Scheduler, can be used.

Z-DATdump can easily be run by means of a system service, even with different rights.

I offer the program Z-Cron of optimal scheduling. Z-Cron is an operational center for automating software. In addition to scheduled execution of Z-DATdump, Z-DataDVD or other applications ,the program contains numerous tools which help to ease automatic system maintenance.


Download Z-Cron


With the Z-Cron tool, you can schedule the execution and/or termination of programs (*.exe, *.com, *.bat) in Windows XP,Vista,7,8,10, similar to the Unix Cron. Z-Cron is an ideal add-on to my program Z-DATdump. Z-Cron is free for private use, i.e. it runs on workstations (Windows XP,Vista,7,8,10) with small restrictions.


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