Backup locked and open files

Z-VSScopy serves two purposes. It acts as an add-on module for Z-DBackup and Z-DATdump. Z-VSScopy can be used free of charge with the Freeware Versions of these programs and allows complete backups of open and locked files.

Windows VSS

It is also a stand-alone freeware program that displays all existing shadow copies (snapshots) from the system and lets you browse their contents, create new snapshots or delete old ones.

If necessary, you can copy files from a snapshot and restore them to any location. Should a file be lost from your Recycle Bin, or you have accidently changed a file and urgently need the previous version, you can immediately use Z-VSScopy to locate a previous version of the file in your system's shadow copies and copy it back to your actual system.

Z-VSScopy – Volume Shadow Copy

The Standard Version of Z-VSScopy is Freeware for personal use, i.e. it can be used by private persons free of charge.

Z-VSScopy can be used free of charge together with the Freeware Versions of Z-DBackup and Z-DATdump and thus also allows private persons backups of open local files!

If you want to use Z-VSScopy together with the Professional or Server Versions of Z-DBackup or Z-DATdump, you need a Z-VSScopy License.

The free Z-VSScopy Freeware Version is limited to a trial period of 30 days on a Windows Server operating system! A Server License is needed for use on a Windows Server operating system!

Download Download the freeware version of Z-VSScopy

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