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Z-DATdump can copy complete folders, automatically or with a schedule, for transport, backup, or archiving to tape drives. That means fast and automatic data storage to: TRAVAN, SLR, MLR, QIC, LTO, Ultrium, AIT, DLT, VXA, DAT, or DDS tape drives with a SCSI, S-ATA, IDE, or USB port.

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The tape backup software features an easy-to-use interface and can also be controlled via command-line parameters. That allows for automatic (scheduled) backups using the Windows built-in task scheduler or our advanced task and backup scheduler Z-Cron, which also offers many built-in features for automatic system administration.

Tape software - freeware backup to tape


Tape Backup Software

Batch Control

In addition to the easy-to-use graphical user interface, Z-DATdump offers a complete command-line interface for professional users and for use in batch processing mode.

Back-up or writing data to tape automatically

Because it is possible to control the application via command-line parameters, Z-DATdump can be easily integrated into backup scripts or other applications.

Even a scheduled data transfer to tape with our Z-Cron scheduler or the Windows-integrated task scheduler is easily possible with Z-DATdump.

Shutdown Backup

is an option for automatically shutting down the computer after the backup – Backup and shutdown with one click!

IDE, SCSI, SAS, USB and S-ATA Tape Drives


Z-DATdump writes data to tapes with the SCSI PASS-THROUGH INTERFACE according to the ASPI guidelines/SPTI standard. The program thus works with all common tape drives (IDE, SCSI, USB, S-ATA and SAS) from 2000 or newer, and some older ones as well. These are among the drives we use to test our software:

HP LTO tape drive Sony AIT tape drive Ultrium tape drive HP DAT 72 tape drive Exabyte VXA tape drive
HP LTO Sony AIT Ultrium HP DAT Exabyte VXA

Software Features

Performance features of the program releases
Already the freeware version of Z-DATdump offers numerous options and settings and is the ideal saving tool/backup program for the ambitious home user:

Function Freeware Version License Version
Backup Sets in the standalone version (define the files and folders to be backed up) 5 5
Backup Sets in Z-DBackup when using Z-DATdump as an addon 20 250
Maximum number of files to back up 65,536 depending on the
capacity of the medium
Maximum transfer volume 12 GB depending on the
capacity of the medium
Restore of single files   *
Scheduling Module or task scheduler Module or task scheduler
Server use (2016, 2012 (R2), SBS 2011, 2008 (R2), 2003)   Z-DATdump Server
Index of tape contents * *
Include file information in backup   *
Fast CRC check * *
Virus self-test * *
Automatic shutdown * *
Automatic data verification   *
Multi-spanning of single file selections   with Z-DBackup

Z-DATdump was developed to copy backup archives created with Z-DBackup to tape drives. It can also be used to back up single files, but alternate NTFS data streams are not included in the backup.

In conjunction with Z-DBackup a system image can be copied to tape. To recover the system the image has to be copied from tape to a hard drive first. A direct system recovery from tape is not possible.

Freeware version

In the freeware version, a maximum of 12 GB can be archived in one dump.

On a Windows Server operating system, the freeware version of Z-DATdump is limited to a trial period of 30 days. The purchase of a Z-DATdump server license is required for extended use on a Windows Server platform.

Z-DATdump is activated via e-mail; the serial number of your hardware is transmitted and saved for reasons of copy protection. A license is valid for one operating system on one machine and is coupled to the hardware.

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