Z-DATdump Video Tutorials

Here we offer you the possibility to watch online tutorials covering many aspects of our software. With these movies we want to demonstrate how easy it is to use Z-DATdump for your tape backup.

Online Help – Video Tutorials

 Basic functions of Z-DATdump

Topic Description Link Youtube
Tape device driver installation To use a tape drive with Z-DATdump it has to be recognized by your computer first. Demo - Online Hilfe YouTube
Set up tape medium Before the first backup can be run, the medium has to be set up once for the use with Z-DATdump. Online help YouTube
Program update How to update the program with the LiveUpdate feature. Online help
Create new tape backup Creating a backup data list in Z-DATdump with desktop shortcut. Online help YouTube
Complete restore Restore a complete tape backup to a desired location. Online help
Send log file How to send the log file to our support. Online help YouTube


 Z-DBackup und Z-DATdump

Thema Beschreibung Link Youtube
Direct tape backup How to create a new backup set, where the files get written directly onto tape Backup - Online Hilfe YouTube
Indirect tape backup How to create a new backup set, where a backup archive containing encrypted files is written to a hard drive first and then copied onto tape. Backup - Online Hilfe


 Z-DATdump and Z-Cron

Topic Description Link Youtube
Scheduling with Z-Cron How to schedule a tape dump job with the help of Z-Cron. Demo - Online Hilfe

Z-Cron - Task and backup scheduler More Flash demo movies about Z-Cron can be found here!
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